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작성일 : 12-10-10 14:00
이경은 박사 APL 논문 출판
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박사과정 동안 우리 랩에서 참여 연구원으로 있었던 삼성테크윈 이경은 박사의 APL 논문이 출판되었습니다. 

Dimensional crossover of charge density wave and thermoelectric properties in CeTe2-xSbx single crystals, Applied Physics Letters (101) 143901 (2012)

Authors: Kyung Eun Lee, Byeong Hun Min, Jong-Soo Rhyee*, Jae Nyeong Kim, Ji Hoon Shim, and Yong Seung Kwon


We have measured the electrical resistivity and Seebeck coefficient of CeTe2-xSbx (x =0.0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, and 0.5) single crystals from 100K to 300K along the ab-plane, and we calculated their electronic structures and Fermi surfaces by using the density functional theory approach. The band structures of CeTe2 show the 2-dimensional (2D) Fermi surface nesting behavior, which induce the charge density wave (CDW). In addition, there is a 3-dimensional (3D) electron Fermi surface hindering the perfect CDW gap opening. By hole doping with the substitution of Sb at the Te-site, the 3D-like Fermi surface disappears and the 2D perfect CDW gap opening enhances the power factor up to x=0.1. With further hole doping, the Fermi surfaces become 3-dimensional structure with heavy hole bands. The enhancement of the power factor is observed near the dimensional crossover of CDW, at x=0.1, where the CDW gap is maximized. Here we show the strong relationship between the dimensionality of CDW and high thermoelectric power factor.


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