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작성일 : 11-04-06 10:58
Prof. Rhyee published in the Advanced Materials
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"Enhancement of thermoelectric figure-of-merit in a wide temperature range in In4Se3-xCl0.03 bulk crystals" by Jong-Soo Rhyee, Dr. Kyunghan Ahn, Dr. Kyu Hyoung Lee, Hyo Seok Ji,  Prof. Ji-Hoon Shim has now been published online.

The state-of-the-art record of thermo­electric figure-of-merit (ZT) of 1.53 at 425 °C is achieved by chlorine doping in In4Se3–xCl0.03 bulk crystalline materials as used for n-type thermoelectric energy harvesting. The low-dimensional property imparted by chlorine doping significantly increases the electrical conductivity and reduces the thermal conductivity resulting in a high power factor over a wide temperature range.

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